Pelvic Floor Reconnect

A 12 week online Pelvic Floor Recovery Program

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Imagine feeling confident again. Worry and embarrassment FREE!

No more anxiety over leaks and wondering where the next toilet is. Imagine moving freely, lifting and jumping on the bouncy castle with the kids even followed by laughter!




If you let out that sigh after reading the above then it’s likely that something isn’t quite right down there and Pelvic Floor Reconnect is exactly what you’re looking for!

Gemma and I met after I’d undergone bladder surgery following complications having my two children. My pelvic floor was completely shot. All throughout my time with Gemma,I found her extremely knowledgeable and she completely understood the symptoms I had been displaying. Her knowledge and training is without a doubt invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She actually cares about you. Overall wonderful person

Jen, Mum of three

Pelvic Floor Reconnect is for you if:


You can’t run, do crossfit or other activities you love for fear of wetting yourself and embarrassment


You are done with feeling anxious, old, frustrated, insecure and simply want your confidence & self esteem back


You need to reduce symptoms of prolapse or someone to work alongside your healthcare provider to reduce the risk of re-prolapsing


You feel heaviness, bulging or pressure in your pelvis


You leak when sneezing, coughing, laughing, jumping, exercising and lifting heavy like your own child


You want to enjoy your day without having to map out your toilet stops


You want to be active with your children and be their role model for wellness in the future


You suddenly feel the urge to go to the toilet but simply cannot hold it

You, if you’re ready to focus and dedicate a few minutes of your day to YOU!

If I told you that you have some control, that there’s another option besides “living with it” or surgery. That YOU CAN do something to help heal yourself. What would you say? Would you want to know more?

Hi, I’m Gemma 

I took my pelvic floor healing into my own hands when squeezing and releasing at traffic lights and advert breaks just wasn’t cutting the mustard. I was fed up with making excuses to my kids and just looking on as the rest of the family had fun at the park or bounced with uncontrollable giggles at the trampoline centre.

It is lonely, it makes you feel old and worn out and not exactly desirable to hubbie either. I wasn’t going to settle for that. Getting back to my pre-baby fitness was also difficult when jumping and lifting weights became an issue.

So, I started using all my postnatal knowledge and I delved into the world of pelvic floor. I now trust my pelvic floor, I am proud that I have come through that part of my life, and l love being able to move with my kids unabashed, developing a movement rich lifestyle I hope they will take into adulthood. I have long since shared my knowledge with members of the fire brigade as being too weak to lift or move quickly is not an option for them.

Now I want to share my knowledge with you, guide you through the process and join a community of like-minded people so you no longer feel on your own.

How Does Pelvic Floor Reconnect Work?

Pelvic Floor Reconnect is a recovery program. It’s also a journey of discovery about your body (I should call it the discovery recovery program).

This is a whole-body approach. Although, we discuss how to do isolated pelvic floor exercises (kegels) it is a very small part of the story and for some kegels may not play a part at all! WOW, that’s different, right?

Remember that song “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” your kids love it. But we look at all of these body parts & how they can improve pelvic floor function.

The philosophy of Pelvic Floor Reconnect really hones in on how our daily habits contribute to pain and dysfunction especially in western society. It is thought that ¾ of women can be helped with simple techniques including moving more and that there is a direct link between urinary incontinence and sitting too long. A habit that many of us are guilty of.

pelvic floor stats
pelvic floor stats
By learning how to activate certain muscle groups you will get your pelvic floor turning up for work again

The sequence of movements are tried and tested, so there is no guess work on your part


We discover what muscles need strengthening, who needs relaxing and where we can rebalanced

Movements are slow, controlled and very detailed so you can gain confidence in your body without fear of hurting yourself

ALERT, by doing this course it is likely that you will:


No longer have to worry where the next toilet is – because you can hold it


No more pads (goodbye tena lady)


Even banish pain elsewhere in your body


Your insides are no longer HEAVY


No panics over sneezing, coughing, laughing or just bending


Get back to the fun of life – gym, crossfit, running, seeing friends, trying new things!


Play unashamedly with your children

Sound good?

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The Pelvic Floor Reconnect Modules

This is a quick and easy module. It’s just a chance to say hello and for you to get ready, learn about how the course is laid out, what shoes and clothing is best to wear and what equipment you will need. You will get a welcome video, a presentation detailing how the course works and 2 PDF’s on shoes, clothing and equipment. You will also get a video checklist for the whole course where you can track what exercises you have done and comment on your progress.
1. Floor Knowledge
This section is crucial to understanding how the pelvic floor works. We look at function of the pelvic floor and go into some common dysfunctions of the pelvic floor along with some habits to watch out for that hinder pelvic floor healing. I also go into detail about how to do a kegel or isolated pelvic floor exercise and why it might not be the best exercise for you. It is here that we first look into some breathing and releasing exercises so that you are ready to move onto the next section.

In this section you will have a total of 9 short educational videos, an educational PDF and 3 release exercise videos to get you moving.

2. Floor Basics
This section introduces some concepts that you can start implementing straight away. We delve into standing, why neutral pelvis might be important to you, the footwear and clothing that is ideal for pelvic floor health. We also take a deep dive into the muscles that surround the pelvic floor so that it is easy for you to understand how the wholebody is connected and why looking above and below the pelvis is crucial to healing your pelvic floor. It is from here that you will start practising a different way to stand and place your feet. This takes time to master hence why it is first.

In this module there are 5 alignment videos and 2 educational videos. Addressing alignment is the first step in allowing muscles to rest at their optimal length ready to regain strength.

3. Align, Breathe and Lengthen
Now we get into some juicy releases. Here we look at how we position our body. How we stand, sit and move creates an environment that is either beneficial or detrimental to pelvic floor health. Good alignment means good muscle length. The length of a muscle determines it’s ability to contract and do it’s job so this is the main focus of this module. Part of this is being more mindful of your breath and how your breath initiates a pelvic floor contraction along with other muscles that require length.

In this module you have 15 release and lengthen exercises and 1 educational video. After this module you should start to feel great and ready for more.

4. Mobilise and Strengthen
Now we have lengthened and relaxed our body in relation to pelvic floor health we are ready to get pelvic floor strong! This module gets our body moving and recruiting the muscles we need to strengthen the pelvic floor and get it working in synergy with the rest of our movement patterns. It is now we start coordinating our pelvic floor with our movement so it becomes second nature!

Here you will get 16 exercise videos for pelvic floor happiness!

This isn’t a module but you can dip in here for some done for you workouts if you find it hard to get motivated by yourself. There are 2 workouts for the align, breathe and lengthen module, 2 workouts for the mobilise and strengthen module, 3 workouts that put the whole course together to really get the benefit of lengthening and strengthening. Finally, there is a meditation video to help relieve you of stress that can really play havoc with our pelvic floor recovery.
Bonus Interview
This has a great interview with women’s health physiotherapist Katy Whitmore which you can find out more below.
Daily Life Module
What’s this sneaky extra? Find out below how to get an extra module that details how daily life can impact your pelvic floor recovery. After all we do daily life all of the time, we only do our exercises for 10-30 minutes a day – so what’s more important?

This module has 11 extra videos that talk about from sleep, toileting, lifting, getting a cold and even yelling to name but a few!

Bonus Interview

Introducing Katy Whitmore “The Wellness Woman”

Katy is a trusted women’s health physiotherapist and has a passion to support women through the many changes that life’s journey brings.

Katy shares her expertise and tells us exactly what a women’s health physio does and why it is so important to be assessed.  She dispels myths and worries about going to a women’s health physio.

It’s a fascinating interview and Katy provides invaluable information on how you can get your own WHP.

You might even end up connecting with Katy as she is so approachable.

Want an extra module? Be the early bird that gets more than a worm!

In the first 2 days of cart opening not only will you get a special early bird discount but you will also get the “Daily Life” module.

This extra module is special to me.  I believe that it is our daily habits that contribute so much to the pain and dysfunction we feel in our bodies.  We do daily life all day, we do exercises for maybe 30 minutes of a day.  So having a grasp on how daily life can sabotage your pelvic floor recovery is gold.  I believe in this so much that I talk about it all the time HECK my freebie is all about daily life.  So if you want to delve deeper then go for it!

post natal exercise
post natal exercise
pelvic floor reconnect

What Else Do You Get With Pelvic Floor Reconnect?

Each section comes with a PDF worksheet for you to print and keep so you can follow the program even when the wifi goes down (no excuses)
You will also receive a fantastic interview with Katy Whitmore who is the Wellness Woman. She is a women’s health physio and she goes through exactly what a WHP can do for you, what to expect at an appointment and why it’s so important to know your bits from the inside out!
100% support throughout. We do not expect you to do this on your own. NO WAY! All you have to do is join the private facebook group and Gemma your tutor will be there to answer questions or talk about a particular topic and help you troubleshoot.
At the end of each section there is a “do with me” workout. This makes it easy for you to focus and get the exercises done. Of course, you can do the exercises individually and slot them into your normal routine. This means they don’t have to take up more time of your day – COOL BEANS EH?

For those of you who sign up in the first 48 hours are an early bird discount & you will also have the CHANCE to receive an 8 video bonus on how Daily Life affects your pelvic floor and what you can do to rectify this. This is such a great bonus as our daily tasks are the movements we do the most!

What Pelvic Floor Reconnect is NOT

A traditional squeeze and release exercise program & there’s no suck in that tum terminology.

This is NOT a weight loss program. The movements are slow and controlled. Losing weight is not the aim of the game. A body that has healed and become more functional is. You will find you are stronger and more mobile as your body reconnects. This means you are more likely to return to activities you love safely. And if that’s a weight loss program then you’re more likely to be read
This is NOT a quick fix. The movements will possibly be undoing a lifetime of habits and alignment issues. So, don’t expect fairy dust. You need to put the work in to get results. Let me say that again, you need to put the work in, you need to commit to doing the movements most days of the week to get results. However, to make it as easy as possible most movements take less than 5 minutes and you can do them whilst doing other tasks like brushing your teeth, having a shower, waiting for the kettle to boil or your friend to turn up. And, we have endeavoured to ensure the workouts are no more than 30minutes long


How is this course delivered?

This course is online. You will receive full support from Gemma through a private / closed facebook support group. This support is there for you no matter how long you take to complete the course.

How much time do I need to complete the course?
This completely depends on your body and where your body is at. So, it will be different for everyone. However, the course is designed to be 12 weeks long and split into three 4 week modules.  So you could say you have 3 weeks for each module.  However, the first two modules are quite small so you may just want to spend 1-2 weeks on those and 4-5 weeks on the last two modules that incorporate the movements. However, don’t take this as gospel do not go to the next step if you’re not ready. Some people may be able to skip certain exercises, some may find that they benefit from all of them and others in-between. Depending on your needs you may need to stick with a certain set of exercises for a longer period of time than others, you will only know this once you get going.
How much is Pelvic Floor Reconnect?

The full cost of the course is £127. However, if you are an early bird by signing up in the first 2 days of cart opening then you will only pay £97 and receive the extra “Daily Life” module – how cool is that?!

Can I pay in instalments?
We currently do not have an instalment plan available. However, do please get in contact if this is something you would like to see in the future.
How long are the videos?
Each instructional video is between 4 – 15 minutes long. There is an educational presentation that is slightly longer than this. The workouts are 30 minutes long but you can stop them whenever it suits you.
How long should I spend on each exercise?
Again, this is purely dependent on what your body needs but once you find a set of exercises that you feel you need it is recommended that you spend between 10 and 30 minutes doing them each day. However, lots of the exercises you can do whilst you carry out other daily chores or whilst you are at work. I’m a big believer in combining tasks so they don’t take up more time.
What do I need to wear to do the exercises?
Ideally you should wear comfortable clothing THAT YOU CAN MOVE IN. There is no point in wearing a tight pair of jeans or even leggings that restricts the movement of your body. A good gauge is to see how the movements feel when wearing as little clothes as possible and then choose clothes that allow you the same or a similar amount of freedom – as I guess you don’t want to spring around in your undies if you do this in the park or gym

This also goes for support bras or sports bras, sometimes these can restrict your breathing as they do not allow the ribcage to move. So, aim for something that feel comfortable but not restrictive.

What footwear should I wear?
Ideally barefoot but if you are in a gym or outside then I recognise that this may not be comfortable for you so go with a pair of trainers that are as barefoot as possible. If you have always worn supportive trainers (ones with cushioning) or have always worn shoes with a heel then you may need some time to transition to a barefoot shoe. Check out my Becoming Barefoot Blog for ways to help you move into a barefoot shoe.
What equipment will I need?
You will find all information about this in the introductory section. I have designed this course so you can use normal house hold objects as your equipment.
When can I start my course?

There will be an official start date and for this cohort it will be the 5th April 2021.  This gives you a week to prepare and identify times when you will watch the videos. However, you will get access to all the videos straight away so you can get a head start if you want to. You will also need to have completed the online health questionnaire. If you are newly postnatal you will have needed to have your postnatal health check with your GP (normally 6-8 weeks for vaginal delivery or 12 weeks for C-Section) you will be given your own access to the course – so there’s no delay!

Can anyone do the course?

You cannot do this course if you are pregnant. Other than that as long as you complete the health questionnaire which will be sent to you after sign up and you have had a 6 week postnatal check (12 weeks for caesarean section) you are good to go.

What if I want to cancel my course?
You will have 30 days to cancel your course and get your money back. We understand that you might change your mind or feel that this was not what you were looking for.
What's expected of you
• Patience. This is not a quick fire, pound it hard program by any stretch of the imagination. I am not going to goad you with promises of fast results. In this program we are undoing changes that have happened over a course of 9 months and for some we will be challenging you to undo habits of a lifetime. This. Takes. Time. You may indeed feel the results after just a couple of weeks. This has happened but it’s not always the case so be patient.

• Do the movements in sequence. There are big reasons why this program has been put together how it is. And that’s to get the best results possible.

• Do the Work. Do the Work. Do the work. That doesn’t sound very supportive does it? But what I’m trying to say is that you need to give yourself permission to take out a few minutes of your day for YOUR self-care. Caring for yourself and making sure you are tiptop means that when you go back to your family, they get the best of you and that is the most fantastic gift you can give.

• Oh and did I say do the work? – if you only get down and do this once a month. You will not get results. The exercises are designed so you can do them whilst doing other things like brushing your teeth, washing up, even rocking the baby so it doesn’t have to mean taking 30 mins out of your day.

• If you have any questions regarding Pelvic Floor Reconnect then please feel free to use the contact me form which you can find in the contact me section or go to the FAQ section where your question may already be answered.

Can I spare the time?
I hear you!! You ‘re hesitating to do a recovery program because you’re a mum, a carer, have a full time job – there’s the issue of time. Life is fast paced and whatever responsibilities you have mind, body and soul is challenged. Generation Move knows this, we’ve been there, we are mums!

But in our experience, to care for others, you need to care for yourself. And who has time for Hospital appointments, surgery and standing back in the wings – let’s swap that out!

You need to feel good. Because that goodness, that vibrancy is contagious. Your kids will look at you and think wow that’s my fun mum, she’s crazy, she plays, she moves, she’s strong, she IS Mum!

What support do I get?
As you receive lifetime access to the course you will get lifetime support.  However, it will work in a particular way.  The course is designed to be 12 weeks long.  So I will be with you for the full 12 weeks plus 2 extra weeks to allow for “life happening”. 

During this time I will be prompting you, asking questions, and generally turning up for you.  After this 14 week period I will still be there to help you but only if you ask a specific question.  So I guess you could say for 14 weeks I will be pro-active and reactive thereafter.

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