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Welcome to Generation Moves WholeBody Reconnect (WBR) a brand new online postnatal program designed to help you regain confidence, control and help you get back to the activities you love. And we all know that if Mum is happy then the kids are happy to.

Pregnancy is like training for a marathon and a bodybuilding competition at the same time. It’s done the most incredible thing of bringing new life into the world – WOW your body is incredible!

Sometimes though we can feel let down by our body. It didn’t bounce back how you thought it would. It doesn’t look, work or feel how it should. You stand back when it’s time to play tig, say no to leapfrog, you dread lifting them or anything else for fear of doing damage and you can no longer do the activities that make you happy.

But remember, your body did an awesome job, we all need a little help now and again. Wholebody Reconnect gets you on the right path for postnatal healing and beyond…

Wholebody Reconnect Is For You If…


You can’t do the activities you love because of pain or damage to your body


You need to reduce symptoms of a prolapse or someone to work alongside your healthcare provider to reduce risk of re-prolapsing

You have been told you have a diastasis recti
You have pelvic pain such as pubic symphasis or sacroiliac joint pain
You want your confidence back

You suddenly feel the urge to go to the toilet but simply cannot hold it


You feel like you are unstable in your movements, like your core is no longer supporting you

You feel heaviness or pressure in your pelvis
You have hip pain
You want to be active with your children and be their role model for wellness in the future

You leak when sneezing, coughing, laughing, jumping, exercising, lifting heavy like your own child

There’s a squishiness or gap in your tummy
You have back pain
You want to do a weight loss program but the exercises are too intense and you don’t know how to prepare your body to even start such a program

You, if you are ready to focus and dedicate a few minutes of your day to YOU

I’m going to be honest, this online program is for the long haul, there’s no pretence of quick fixes or half the story. The corrective exercises are designed to re-establish natural movement patterns and figure out what muscles are pulling too hard and those that have been on holiday. This is about postnatal healing but it’s also about longevity, about bounding around with your kids….your grand kids!

And, what do you see when you think about your kids, your grand kids? Do you see yourself bounding around, playing, swinging, jumping with your family, on the sand, swimming in the waves, climbing trees, leaping across rivers or do you see stiffness, watching from a chair, saying no when your kids are desperate for you to play, being fragile, the person who needs help out of the chair….I know which scenario I want to be in, I know that if you have read this far you know which one to.

Who Can Sign Up To Wholebody Reconnect?


You, if you had a vaginal or c-section birth



You, if you have been given the all clear at your 6-8 week postnatal check (12 weeks if you had a C-Section)



You, If you had a natural birth



You, if you had or continue to have back, hip and / or sacroiliac joint pain or pubis symphasis pain 


You, if you had an instrumental birth (ventoose, forceps)



You, no matter how old your children are




You, if you tore or had an episiotomy


How Does Wholebody Reconnect Work

Wholebody Reconnect is an online postnatal corrective exercise course. It is ready for you from 6 weeks to 60 years postnatal!
After signing up you will be invited to fill in a postnatal activity readiness questionnaire. It is important that you fill this in as deeply as possible as this helps to ensure the program is right for you.

Wholebody Reconnect is divided into 5 main parts “Breathing, Alignment, Pelvic Floor, Diastasis and Low back, hip & SIJ pain”. But we don’t just throw you in. You will also get an introductory section that goes through what you need, what to wear, and some how’s and why’s – it’s a chance to get ready. We also have a section full of bonus interviews, nutrition tips and daily life “hacks”.

Placehold for video





When you sign up to Wholebody Reconnect you get ALL sections this is because the body is connected. So even if you sign up for SIJ pain it could be an imbalance with the pelvic floor that is causing the problem. Each section is connected to the others.

The videos have been arranged in a specific order that I believe gives you the best possible outcome – so no skipping or jumping tracks!

The exercises are slow and controlled. This is because we are reconnecting your body. We are discovering what muscles need strengthening, who needs relaxing and where we can rebalance.

You maybe hesitating to do a recovery program because you’re a mum, there’s the issue of time. Life is fast paced and with new life to care for mind, body and soul is challenged. Generation Move knows this, we’ve been there, we are mums! 


But in our experience, to care for others, you need to care for yourself, you need to feel good. Because that goodness, that vibrancy is contagious. Your kids will look at you and think wow that’s my fun mum, she’s crazy, she plays, she moves, she’s strong, she IS Mum!

Because time is precious each video only lasts between 4 and 15 minutes. This makes it easy for you to get through the content when you can. The workouts are no more than 30 minutes, sometimes less and you can stop them at any point.

You can start the program at anytime and you will receive all the content straight away. This is because everyone is different so you may need to spend more time on one section and less time on another. Now, although the videos are broken down into small amounts of time to fit into your day, you do still need to do them everyday for you to see results – more about that later.


Some people say the nicest things!

Gemma changed my life, I’m so grateful to her.

– sarah, 31, new mum

I am only just beginning my journey towards better alignment and pelvic floor strength and recovery from diastasis recti, but I have been impressed by Gemma’s professional knowledge, her understanding of my situation and her warm, positive and can-do approach.

– sarah, 31, new mum

When I first came to see Gemma, I was in very poor shape following a total abdominal hysterectomy, I had severe mobility problems and struggled to put shoes and socks on and get up and down off the floor.

She started off correcting my posture, getting me to walk barefoot whenever possible and showed me how to strengthen my core muscles and gradually added in strengthening and flexibility exercises. The change in my body has been amazing. I’m no longer struggling with my mobility and feel better than I have in years.

– adrienne, 28, new mum

Wholebody Reconnect Is For You If…

All 5 main sections of the WholeBody Reconnect online program plus the introductory and extras sections. So even if your main interest is pelvic floor dysfunction you will also get information on abdominal separation and other postnatal problematic areas because everything is connected.
At the end of each section there is a “do with me” workout. This makes it easy for you to focus and get the exercises done. Of course, you can do the exercises individually if you want to.
Generation Move believes it is important for you to understand why you are doing a movement so some videos are educational.

 A Daily Life and Extras section includes bonus content such as nutrition, recipe ideas and lifestyle advice. There are also interviews with other experts. For example, we have Wendy who talks about getting back to running, Helen on ground living (ditching your furniture) and home schooling and how this makes for a better movement lifestyle. We have Hannah who specialises in scar tissue massage and Katy who is a Womens Health Physio talking about what to expect at your appointment and how it’s so important to get an assessment from the inside out.

Each section comes with a PDF worksheet for you to print and keep so you can follow the program even when the wifi goes down (no excuses).

A meditation soundtrack to use during your all-important “me” time or for your rejuvenating breathing exercises.


100% support throughout. We do not expect you to do this on your own. NO WAY! All you have to do is join the private Facebook group and Gemma your tutor will be there to answer questions or talk about a particular topic and help you troubleshoot.

In total you receive

5 introductory videos
22 diastasis recti videos
17 breathing videos including a meditation
44 low back, hip & SIJ / PS pain videos
27 alignment videos
9 daily life and extras videos
22 pelvic floor videos
12 “do with me” workouts

That’s 158 videos all designed to get you feeling super fab again!



2 Installments: £73.50


3 Installments: £49

The Wholebody Reconnect Sections


In this section we go through how the way you breathe affects your core and pelvic floor. Breath work can be the key to how our muscles pull and work together within the body. We explore how the breath can either stress you out or aid your healing. How you breathe is the start point for any ailment you join wholebody reconnect for so this is where we start.


The way we position ourselves on a daily basis has a huge impact on how our muscles fire up or how they don’t do much at all. Good alignment means good muscle length and good muscle recruitment.

We start with the feet and work our way up to the head. Not a stone is left unturned.

You may find (not always) that improving your alignment sets you well on the way to seeing improvements in your problem area (and maybe even an improvement in places you didn’t expect!).

Pelvic Floor

This is the first section that addresses a specific issue. We delve deep into what the pelvic floor should be doing and how it could be going wrong for you. We talk about various types of incontinence and prolapse. We discuss how a tight pelvic floor can be the problem as well as a weak pelvic floor.

We go through specific exercises designed to help your pelvic floor lengthen, relax and switch on. If your ailment is diastasis or SIJ pain then please do not skip this section as pelvic floor function could be the key to the rest of your body. It’s all connected!


Diastasis Recti

It seems that there are not as many videos in the diastasis section but this is because unbeknownst to you we have already been working on it. Breathing, alignment and the function of your pelvic floor are crucial to the healing of your diastasis. Aha! Have you got it yet? The whole body is connected!

We discover why the gap isn’t everything and how to tell whether your core is working in tune with the rest of your body. I teach you how to properly check for a gap and that it’s important to check what’s going on for each movement you do.

We also talk about c-sections how looking after your scar is important to core function. Other habits are also discussed such as bracing, bearing down and sucking in.

It could be this section that sorts out your back pain so again do not skip it even if a diastasis is not your main reason for doing this course.

Low Back, Hip and SIJ Pain

I should have included pubis symphasis pain amongst others in this title but it just got soooo big. Anyway, this section is dear to my heart as SIJ pain is what made me question my own fitness regime. Here we challenge the gluteals into why they’re not doing their job properly. We plunge into the musculature of the hip and pelvis and how they can pull on the joints and cause the pain. We look at movement patterns and get really pernickety at technique to make sure other muscles are not cheating. The corrective exercises in this section are a little harder than the others both in intensity and precision but as long as you haven’t skipped anything you should be fine.

Daily Life and Extras

Oooooo, this is not to be missed. We’ve put in some real goodies here. We put together what we have learned and how it relates to your daily life. There are strategies for lifting your children, pushing a buggy, hanging the washing, going to the toilet, breastfeeding and bottle feeding. We have PDF’s on Nutrition as clean eating is a big part of the picture. Finally, there are some great interviews with other Womens Wellness Health Professionals to help with your healing process.
And, what do you see when you think about your kids, your grand kids? Do you see yourself bounding around, playing, swinging, jumping with your family, on the sand, swimming in the waves, climbing trees, leaping across rivers or do you see stiffness, watching from a chair, saying no when your kids are desperate for you to play, being fragile, the person who needs help out of the chair….I know which scenario I want to be in, I know that if you have read this far you know which one to.

What Wholebody Reconnect Is Not

This is NOT a quick fix. The movements will possibly be undoing a lifetime of habits and alignment issues. So, don’t expect fairy dust. You need to put the work in to get results. Let me say that again, you need to put the work in, you need to commit to doing the movements most days of the week to get results.

However, to make it as easy as possible most movements take less than 10minutes and we have endeavoured to ensure the workouts are no more than 30minutes long. 

A traditional squeeze and release exercise program.

This is NOT a weight loss program. The movements are slow and controlled. Losing weight is not the aim of the game, a body that has healed and become more functional is.

You will find you are stronger and more mobile as your body reconnects. This means you are more likely to return to activities you love safely. And if that’s a weight loss program then you’re more likely to ready.

There’s no suck in that tum terminology.



Patience. This is not a quick fire, pound it hard program by any stretch of the imagination. I am not going to goad you with promises of fast results. In this program we are undoing changes that have happened over a course of 9 months and for some we will be challenging you to undo habits of a lifetime. This. Takes. Time.

Do the movements in sequence. There are big reasons why this program has been put together how it is. And that’s to get the best results possible. 

Do the Work. Do the Work. Do the work. That doesn’t sound very supportive does it? But what I’m trying to say is that you need to give yourself permission to take out a few minutes of your day for YOUR self-care. Caring for yourself and making sure you are tiptop means that when you go back to your family, they get the best of you and that is the most fantastic gift you can give. 

Oh and did I say do the work? – if you only get down and do this once a month. You will not get results. We are reprogramming your mind and body connection therefore you need to do this at least 4x a week but ideally every single day.

If you have any questions regarding Wholebody Reconnect then please feel free to use the contact me form which you can find in the contact me section or go to the FAQ section where your question may already be answered.

Meet Your Tutor

Hello, my name’s Gemma and I’m the founder of Generation Move.  I have been in the Health and Fitness industry since 2001 gaining a number of qualifications along the way helping people live a movement rich life. I have 4 babies, Ethan, Summer, Ava the dog (couldn’t leave her out) and now Generation Move, my business!  Why have I counted my business as my 4th baby? read more


How is this course delivered?

This course is online. You will receive full support from Gemma through a private / closed facebook support group. This support is there for you no matter how long you take to complete the course.


How much time do I need to complete the course?

This completely depends on your body and where your body is at. So, it will be different for everyone. Some people may be able to skip certain exercises, some may find that they benefit from all of them and others in-between. Depending on your needs you may need to stick with a certain set of exercises for a longer period of time than others, you will only know this once you get going.


How much is Wholebody Reconnect?

The cost of the full course is £147


Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, of course you can. I don’t make it more expensive just because you need to pay in instalments. The price is the same if you pay all at once or in 2 or 3 instalments.


How long are the videos?

Each instructional video is between 5 and 15 minutes long. The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes long and can you stop them whenever it suits you.


How long should I spend on each exercise?

Again, this is purely dependent on what your body needs but once you find a set of exercises that you feel you need it is recommended that you spend between 10 and 30 minutes doing them each day.


What do I need to wear to do the exercises?

Ideally you should wear comfortable clothing THAT YOU CAN MOVE IN. There is no point in wearing a tight pair of jeans or even leggings that restricts the movement of your body. A good gauge is to see how the movements feel when wearing as little clothes as possible and then choose clothes that allow you the same or a similar amount of freedom – as I guess you don’t want to spring around in your undies if you do this in the park or gym
This also goes for support bras or sports bras, sometimes these can restrict your breathing as they do not allow the ribcage to move. So, aim for something that feel comfortable but not restrictive.


What footwear should I wear?

Ideally barefoot is what required but if you are in a gym or outside then I recognise that this may not be comfortable for you so go with a pair of trainers that are as barefoot as possible. If you have always worn supportive trainers (ones with cushioning) or have always worn shoes with a heel then you may need some time to transition to a barefoot shoe. Check out my Becoming Barefoot Blog for ways to help you move into a barefoot shoe.


What equipment will I need

You will find all information about this in the introductory section. I have designed this course so you can use normal house hold objects as your equipment. The only thing I would advise you to buy is a couple of therabands of different thicknesses.


When can I start my course?

As soon as you sign up, complete the online health questionnaire and have had your postnatal health check with your GP (normally 6-8 weeks for vaginal delivery or 12 weeks for C-Section) you will be given your own access to the course – so there’s no delay!


Can anyone do the course?

This course is suitable for most people however you are asked to fill out the online health questionnaire and possible a follow up call with Gemma to ensure that this is the right course for you. It maybe that you do the course alongside recommendations from your healthcare provider or you may need to wait a little before the course is appropriate for you.

What if I want to cancel my course?

You will have 14 days to cancel your course and get your money back. We understand that you might change your mind or feel that this was not what you were looking for.


I don’t have time to do the exercises

Each video is between 5 and 15 minutes long. So, we are hoping that you care enough about yourself to be the best version of yourself to give this time to you. Please remember that like anything you will not get results if you don’t do the work. You wouldn’t expect to lose weight just by signing up to a weight loss program you actually have to DO THE WORK Having said that being a mum I truly understand what it is like and time is like gold dust so you have 14 days to decide if you can really give yourself 5-10 minutes a day or you can just keep the course and start on it when you are ready.

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