welcome all!

Begin your journey in learning to move, heal, nourish and care for your wellbeing because at Generation Move we believe that healthy mums grow healthy kids.

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welcome all!

Begin your journey in learning to move, heal, nourish and care for your wellbeing because at Generation Move we believe that healthy mums grow healthy kids.

about gemma

 Hi, I’m Gemma! Founder of Generation Move.

I want to share with you why we at GM think movement, nutrition, and self care are key to your happiness and your family’s.

We all only have one life with one goal: to make the best of it no matter what that looks like to you.

That means our behaviours, habits and lifestyle affects the one life our children have.

We want you to be strong and fit so you can play now, and do the same for grandchildren later.

We want you to feel good, confident so that your love for life and yourself filters down to your children.

It’s difficult to do that if you are physically or mentally damaged. It’s difficult if your body has had difficulty healing. Whether that be a diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction or pain in general.

It’s time to bounce back!

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kids and schools

kids & schools

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Our online courses and live classes are designed to reboot your movement patterns. With slow and controlled exercises you will begin to switch on muscles that took a holiday a long time ago.

You will learn how these movements can help heal a diastasis, pelvic floor dysfunction and reduce pain -all things that prevent mummies from moving and giving their all to their to their kids.

And once you have healed we will help guide you back into more intense exercise safely.

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Welcome 🤗 to my new little series I’ve called Muff busters. A little word play there 😝

I’ve been thinking about all the weird and wonderful things we get told as kids about our body parts and thought I’d do a sketch on some of the myths we are taught.

You see the mystery of the v@gina only makes it harder to talk about and to care for ourselves. We need to become experts on our own body so we can truly advocate for ourselves. 🤓

So let’s talk about this weeks Muff buster: a v@gina is an inside out p3nis 🤨

For thousands of years it was believed that the female reproductive organs were just an inverted version of the males. (Galen)

Debate about the differences went on and on. At one point it was thought that both generated semen which had to come together to create life. 🤝

By medieval times, medical practitioners finally believed the uterus was not an inside out scrotum but an organ in its own right BUT it had been described as cold & dry, a site of noxious poisons that caused hysteria. 😱

Anyway, the most surprising thing is that it was only until 1994 that the U.S Institute of health stated that women should be included in clinical trials. 😲

Before this there was little research on how women reacted differently to medicine. This may have been to protect them but the result has had the opposite effect.

By ignoring our differences no one truly knew what was best for women when it came to health care.

Anyway, hopefully the tides are turning in 2022 but sometimes that myth still floats about. Be sure to debunk it if you hear it. 🙉

Did you enjoy this Muff buster? Anything surprise you? Tell me in the comments!!! ⬇️ 💜 ⬇️

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This is my first post since November! Hello again 👋

I ditched insta cos I experienced total burnout🔥

Running a business, keeping up with a job, running a home with two littles and dealing with grief during covid finally caught up with me. 😪

Total Stress out 😵‍💫 something had to give and I wanted to put my all into making Crimbo fab for my fam. You can’t do that when stressed.

I’m telling you this because we can hold stress in our muscles. Our pelvic floor and vagina are made of muscles😲So stress plays a massive role in whether we pee our pants or not. 😱

For me, I experience pain in my pelvis which makes me hold my entire body in a weird way - damn! 😾

But I’m back - determined to give you the latest gossip on pelvic floor happiness but I’ll be taking it in my stride. 💃

Can you name something that stresses you out 🤯and could you cut it out of your life? It could help your vagina!

Tell me in the comments below 👇

#stressedoutmum #muscletension #mumlifeuk #pelvicfloorhealth #yourvaginamatters #pelvicfloorfitness #mumhustle

What my life is all about! 🥰

They are not always like this I can tell you now but when they do express love I’m there like a whipper snapper with my camera to document it 🤣

Anyway, to focus on these two I’m taking a break from social media.

It was going to be from the start of December but I’m afraid complete burn out has taken hold of me so I’m being kind to myself and starting my break. This week.

See you in 2022 🍾🥂🍾

Wishing love, peace and happiness!!

#takingabreak #takingabreakfromsocialmedia #restup #selfcare #pelvicfloorrehab #pelvicfloorrehabilitation #pelvicfloorcare #mumneedsarest #mumsneedrest


Your wish is granted ✨🪄

Here is a GUIDE to getting back to exercise during your postnatal period. I shouted GUIDE because that’s all it is. 📖

Everyone is different. You may not feel ready to do more than walk around until month 4!

Take me for example, I started the exercises as prescribed for week 2-4 postnatal when I was 7 months postnatal. I had a very sore perineum (understatement) after a terribly performed episiotomy! 😣

So, it very much depends on you, your birth and how you’re feeling.

I also want to point out that you may feel bloomin amazing at week 1 and dive straight into Saturdays HIIT class. 👊 kapow 💥

There’s nothing wrong with this and brill if you feel this way but I urge you to invest in a spot of time to make sure your core & pelvic floor are reunited. 🤝

So many times I hear “ I was okay to begin with….” 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, more info on getting back to exercise & keeping your pelvic floor safe will be in this Sunday’s newsletter.

Give me a 👍 in the comments if you would like a copy 😘

😴P.S Rest & Sleep trumps everything!

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Lots of people find contracting their pelvic floor tricky.

Sometimes all it takes is a really good cue & instruction.

A very famous cue is to imagine or pretend you are stopping the flow of wee when you go to the toilet.

Note: the operative words here are IMAGINE and PRETEND

You should never continuously do kegels / pelvic floor exercises when you pee. 😲

Don’t confuse the cue with actually doing it. So it’s a misconception that you should contract the pelvic floor when you pee. ⭐️

Sure try it once to make sure you really are working the pelvic floor but then that’s it!

Why? To let the 💦 out your pelvic floor muscles need to RELAX

And if you keep trying to stop it the signals from your brain to bladder will go wonky! 😵‍💫

No one needs that!😬

So don’t do pelvic floor exercises whilst you pee! 💧🚫

Oh, and whether pelvic floor exercises are right for you is whole other story! Stay tuned😉

SHARE & FOLLOW for more tips 😘🤗

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You’ve been diagnosed with x,y,z pelvic floor problem. 👍

Your GP, consultant or pelvic floor physio has given you said number of exercises to do. 😵‍💫

They only take 20-30mins of your day which is fab when trying to fit it into busy schedules. 👊

But, no one asks what the rest of your day looks like. 🤭 Big mistake!

What are your habits? Are they helping pelvic floor recovery or setting you back?🤨

Often people try to do the rehab and give up as success doesn’t come as quickly as hoped. 😒

In my experience, to really move the needle towards pelvic floor happiness you have to look at what’s happening during the main bulk of your day. ☀️

Yes! Your daily life is part of your rehab to stop leaking 💦&💩 and reduce symptoms of prolapse and/ or pain.

Don’t make the same mistake. Make all day a pelvic floor recovery day! 👏

To start you off I have a FREE eBook with 8 tips to make your daily life part of pelvic floor recovery ❤️‍🩹

Just click the link in my bio & it’s all yours 🥰

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Don’t fear. Take a look at this video about how to use the other muscles in the body along with the breath to help your pelvic floor. 😘

A massive shout out to my wonderful friend and neighbour @tashkie1215 for letting me use her stairs. 🙏 They are far more beautiful than mine and has no banister so you can see me more clearly. 👀

This video only talks about going UPstairs. In my newsletter we’ll look at MORE strategies when doing the 🍎’s and 🍐’s AND how we can make going DOWNstairs more comfortable. 👍

Sign 🆙 Link in my bio. It will be fab to have you on board the pelvic floor happiness train 🚂 💕

P.S apples 🍎 & pears 🍐 is cockney rhyming slang for stairs don’t you know 😝

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So over the weekend I realised that I’ve hit 1000 wonderful people following & supporting this page. 🥰

THANK YOU ☺️ for engaging, sharing and tagging my content. It really means a lot to me.

And for those of you who are also in the business of advocating for birthers and the care they should receive I am honoured to be in this space with you. 🙏You are all wonderful and very supportive!

To be honest I don’t find it easy being on social media. Deep down I’m a bit of a wall flower 🌸 I like to keep myself to myself.

You might be surprised at that especially when I’m hyper with my blond wig for pelvic floor woman🤩 So I’m very grateful to you all.

I’d love to know how you heard about this page, what made you stay, how long have you been with me?

Go on, tell me, tell me! 🤩🤩🤩

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❓🙋‍♀️I had this question after my newsletter on walking. It’s a really great question. So thank you for asking it!!

I thought I’d answer it here.

The answer is no, don’t try and hold your pelvic floor in the whole time. 😳

If you try to hold your pelvic floor the whole time you are walking it’ll end in frustration. 😖

1. You just can’t do it. It’s too difficult.
2. Your pelvic floor should react in harmony with your movement. Forcing it to contract the whole time will make it tired and weak.
3. It’ll might mess with your breathing pattern whilst you walk. You’ll stop the pelvic floor from lengthening (as you inhale) when it needs to. And because you’re holding it in it might lead to a shallow breathing pattern affecting shoulder & neck pain, possible headaches. Plus, if the pelvic floor can’t have some give, it cannot regulate pressure in our body which can lead to leaks.

So there you go. Just let your pelvic floor do it’s thing whilst you walk. 😘

If you are having trouble with walking it maybe that others muscles need a little help so the pelvic floor doesn’t need to take over from them. This is the sort of thing I go through in my newsletter. 💌

Further questions? Pop them in the comments ⬇️

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What for and what’s the reason?

Have you been told to wait to see if it will get better?🥺

Have you been told not to make a fuss? 😫

Have you been told it’s part of having a baby?🤰🏿

Have you been told directly or indirectly through the patriarchal system that you are not worthy enough?😕

Blast 💥 all these things out of the water.
Don’t wait. You deserve better care. You deserve to heal.

If you wait - all that happens is you get older.

SHARE this with someone who needs reminding how worth it they are 💖

#newbaby #waitingforyou❤️ #mumuk #mumsarethebest #mumsaretheworld #newlypostpartum #alwayspostnatal #youareimportant #mumlife #mumlifeuk #mummalife #mummatobe #lookafteryourpelvicfloor #pelvicfloortraining #stopleaking #nomoreleaks #nomoreleaksplease #incontinencecare


After I had my first baby I felt like I was in some sort of race. 🏃🏼‍♀️

The race to be okay, bounce back and be a rocking “I’ve got all my ducks lined up” kind of mother.

The fact is the only ducks that I had lined up where the cute rubber ones we were given as bath toys for my baby. 🦆🦆🦆

I felt more like I was going quackers than being okay. 😵‍💫

This race to be okay stops many mums from talking honestly to each other. This includes their pelvic floor health.

What I’m saying is it’s okay to be a work in progress. You don’t have to bounce back - that’s societies narrative not yours.

💧It’s okay to be leaky & need pads. Or feel that things are not quite right down below as long as you NOTICE & VALUE yourself enough to start investigating what your body needs to recover and be that work in progress. 🕵🏼‍♀️

Talking about it also helps. It helps you get answers and helps others around you realise they are not alone and actually we are all a work in progress.

Are you a work in progress? What do you need to keep moving forward? Tell me in the comments 🤗 I’ve put mine in my stories. 😘

#itsokaytonotbeokay #workinprogress #selfcare #takecareofyourbody #postnatalcare #pelvicfloorrehab #prolapserecovery #noneedtobounceback #bouncebackculture #mumbod #mumbodsmatter #postnatalbody #postnatalagain #mumssupportingmums #incontinence #incontinenceawareness #loveyourbody❤️ #loveyourbodyagain


You gotta know when it’s right for you. And how to do it safely.

Some key points to have in place before you start are:

🗣Can you breathe well? And can you do this bracing (think how you tense if a toddler where about to jump at you)
🧍🏿‍♀️What does your alignment look like?
😵‍💫Can you manage your internal pressure?
❤️‍🩹Have you built a good foundation with recovery exercises?
😳Do you know what it looks & feels like to bear down or push out so you know when to stop?

And there’s the lift itself 🏋🏻‍♀️ I’ve done a little video to show you how you can get started.

It’s a little fast here but the real speed version is in my newsletter out tomorrow. 💌

Wanna lift a copy? I gotcha 😉 Link in my bio 🤩

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There’s a quick answer to this….ok, I lie. There’s not. 😵‍💫

Yes. It would seem more birthers are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction after having their babies. 👼🏼

Is there a reason? 🤔

Probably, and I have a sneaky leaky feeling it’s a combo of a lack of movement opportunities from school into our working lives and help just isn’t there before or after we have children. 😡

Is it normal - nope. But it might be normal for you and how you deal with it is part of your experience. 🤗

Does this mean you shouldn’t ask for help until it gets proper gushing down there? 🌊

No way! Seek help now. 🤲🏼

There are wonderful pelvic floor physios 👩🏽‍⚕️ and pelvic floor movement specialists 🏃🏻‍♀️who love giving their love 💕 and make you love not leaking!

Know someone who’s leaky? 💦Pass this on. Let them know they are important enough to seek help ❤️‍🩹

#commonbutnotnormal #pelvicfloordysfunction #pelvicfloor #leaking #nomoreleaks #pantsnotpads #sneezepee #runpee #leakfree #mumbody #postnatalrecovery #mumlife #mumlifeuk #mummylifeuk #postnatalbody


So you’re thinking to yourself that’s it’s just a little leak. It’s totally normal, it’s part of being a woman. 🧐

But it’s making you feel sh!t to be perfectly frank. 😔

It affects confidence, self esteem and can be a barrier to healthy activities like exercise and affect mental health. 🧠

But we don’t go to the GP cos we feel silly, embarrassed, it’s of little concern…..

Well, did you know that the national association for continence found that on average it takes women 6.5 years to seek help? By this time symptoms have got a fair lot worse.



I shouted that in case you didn’t hear me. 🗣

Oh, and if the first person you go to brushes you away. They are not being respectful, brush them away & find someone else!

Ok, promise me you’ll seek help. You will? Okay, pop a 🤩in the comments to show me you know you are worthy. ⬇️👊⬇️

#youareworthyoflove #youareworthy #youareworthy❤️ #seekhelp #pelvicfloorhelp #prolapsehelp #incontinencehelp #mumssupportingmums #mumssupportingmumsuk #mumhelp #mumshelpingmums #incontinenceawareness #pelvicfloorhealth #loveyourpelvicfloor


It’s that annoying answer again of - it depends! 😜

Being able to sit on the floor comfortably sure is great for hips & pelvic floor. 🧘🏾‍♀️

But when it’s not comfortable & when you can’t get out of the slouch then that’s when we might need to look at doing something a little different ☺️

Listen to the video for more info on this. 👂🏻

That’s doesn’t mean floor sitting is out, after all your kids often want you to play on the floor! 🚼 It’s just good to know about some things to consider. 😘

There’s also some great exercises that will help you get comfortably to the floor, great for pelvic floor and your lifespan! 🤩

Where are those exercises? In this Sunday’s newsletter 💌 it’s where all the juicy info is 🍊🍇🍋

To sign up click “Sunday’s newsletter” in my
Bio. Can’t wait to see you there! 💕💕💕

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