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Jaw Dropping & Pelvic Pleasing Mobility Class



Join Gemma in a Jaw to Pelvic Floor Mobility Class

If you find life’s stressors, big or small, leads you to clench your jaw then this is the class for you!  It could be that missing piece of your pelvic floor recovery journey that allows your pelvic floor to finally relax, release and get ready to do the job it was meant to!

This is a mobility class that focuses on the connection between the jaw and pelvic floor.

In this class we will firstly illuminate the amazing world of how the human body is connected and why the jaw could be a window into how your pelvic floor is responding to sneeze pee, laugh wee, prolapse trouble and maybe even pain.

We will then delve into a 45 minute mobility class exploring the tension your jaw creates and see how it travels to other parts of the body including the pelvic floor.

As we do this we will move our bodies to help recognise and release tension in the jaw.  We will continue to flow movement through the body to help make other areas of tension that are possibly caused by jaw clenching relax and chill. Finally, we will try out some delicious techniques to relax our entire face using self massage.

For this class you will need a chair or sofa, bolster or stack of cushions, massage oil of your choice (optional) and clean hands.

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