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Hello! And a warm welcome to Generation Move. Here you will find specialist information and courses on how to move, eat and be well throughout the toughest adventure you’ll face- Motherhood.

This is the place for you if you want to safely but effectively get fit for pregnancy, birth and for the postnatal period.

It doesn’t matter if you are excited, scared or both, coping with this enormous change in your life needs to be met with the healthiest and strongest version of yourself. If you are dealing with pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis or feelings of low mood or confidence then this can make motherhood extra hard.

Generation Move strives to give you the tools to be strong, fit, heal and empower yourself to health and maintain it. We can give you a big bag of tools to help you overcome pelvic floor dysfunction, pain, diastasis recti, back pain and hip pain so that you can get back to the exercise you love including running after your little ones.

And quite fittingly Generation Move’s ethos is healthy mums grow healthy kids. The goal being to inspire our amazing mum’s to be at their best through movement, daily habits and eating well. And if you get into good habits then this naturally gets passed down to your little ones our next generation

about generation move

How was Generation Move created?


Gemma was born in England with a clap of thunder and a flash of lightening according to Dad.


Gemma had her first personal training session. This new found love for fitness made an impact on confidence, mood and general happiness.


Gemma completed her BSc in Psychology and went on to use the knowledge in a Human Resources team in London. She quickly realised that this was not how she wanted to use her knowledge and needed a role in life that was active and nourishing.


Gemma went back to university to complete her Msc in Sports Science and this is where the fascination of how movement is medicine for mind and body truly took hold.


Gemma started to work for the Fire Brigade as a Fitness Advisor. After realising there was no provisions for women to stay fit during pregnancy or coming back to work she created her own role as the go to person for ante and postnatal exercise advice. The level 3 qualification that she obtained was good but it left Gemma with unanswered questions when helping clients. That led to another 7 years of research and study.



Gemma became pregnant with her first child. Unexpectedly, she experienced antenatal depression and despite training 2 hours per day crossfit style at the fire brigade she found herself unable to walk properly due to pelvic pain. After giving birth, thankfully the depression lifted and was in love with an absolute joy of a boy. But, she found herself in pieces physically. A long labour and an episiotomy that later required 2 corrective surgeries her body had changed, was in pain and she felt she couldn’t give her all to her growing, adventurous little boy.


Gemma wasn’t happy with the “just live with it” advice from her Doctor and escalated her research and found Katy Bowman and her books on alignment. Just by implementing some of the advice her back and hip pain gradually subsided and her pelvic floor was able to heal.



Gemma gave birth to a glorious little girl. Throughout the pregnancy there was a little hip pain but nothing compared to the previous time. The labour was so short and easy that the midwives didn’t have time to fill the birthing pool – 45 minutes to be precise with no pain meds not even gas and air. The difference between the two births was phenomenal.



Gemma qualified with providers that considered natural movement, alignment and breath as an important precursor to healing and wellbeing taking into account the body and mind as a whole.

Her children also made her realise that the happiness and health of Mum filters down to the children and that the world we live in does not always make healthy choices the easy choice.


The idea of Generation Move was born. Gemma started to convey the information of how our movement habits can lead to troubles during and after pregnancy.

One of these habits is sitting in chairs which led to another passion: changing the up classroom. Previously Gemma had presented and provided workshops to office staff about the dangers of too much sitting. She has since presented to some schools including the winners of 2017 TES best school of the year award. She hopes to help teachers create movement in their lessons to keep children agile and healthy into their adult lives.


Generation Move is launched. A platform delivering safe movement programs for mums to be, new mums and mums 30 years on. A place where nutrition, environment and nature are taken into account to make a happier and healthier you for happier healthier babies.

Gemma’s Qualifications

Bsc honors degree. Psychology. University of Warwick

MSc Sports Science (Fitness and Health). University of Essex

YMCAfit Exercise and Pregnancy L3

YMCAfit Core Stability

Premier Award in designing Pre and Postnatal Exercise L3

FutureFit. Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention Nutrition Course

Functional Movement. Advances in Core Training – Gray Cook

VTCT. Diploma in Mat Based Pilates L3

Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Your Pelvic Matters certified instructor – Claire Mockridge

Diastasis Detective certified instructor – Claire Mockridge

Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practioner – Burrell Education

Advanced modern pregnancy assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming – Burrell Education

Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Postnatal healing and recovery

The Perinatal Athlete – Burrell Education

Advanced CPD in modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming – Burrell Education

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist – Core Exercise Solutions by Dr Sarah Duval

3rd Age Woman Peri – Post Menopause Global Online Certification – Burrell Education

Generation Move and the Environment

Generation Move firmly believes that part of a healthy lifestyle is to embrace nature and to realise that we are a part of nature not separate from it. To support this Generation Move aims to use as many ecologically friendly products and services it can. Whether that be from the paper on business cards to the type of exercise mat used. If you notice any areas that we can improve then please let us know.

Generation Move donates monthly to Greenpeace.

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